A leather jacket is a classic piece of clothing that almost every individual wants in their wardrobe. These jackets have evolved for more than a century now and have become a global icon. Leather jackets rule the world of outerwear because of their durability, as leather is known for its robust characteristics which make it last for a lifetime. 

There are numerous varieties of leather jackets for men and women, that’s why it can be a bit tricky to choose the best one for yourself, as jackets are pieces that should match your personality. 

In this guide, we will present to you the very best and most popular styles of men’s and women’s leather jackets that you will surely love to have. So if you are a fan of this attire then buckle up as we delve into the trendiest jackets of all time

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jackets are the most latest designs but with a deep-rooted history. These jackets were first utilized as a protection element to protect aviators and then later owned after their evolution became a fashion symbol yet still possessing their functional qualities. 

A major reason for their popularity is movies. People are more likely to be attracted to clothing if their favorite celebrity is wearing it on the big screen. Initially, leather bomber jacket mens got a breakthrough in the fashion industry when it was worn first by Harison Ford in the movie Indiana Jones, which gave it a huge shoutout and this jacket became a sensation. So, if we say movie leather jackets, it means we’re talking about the bomber.

The features of this outerwear include a loosened midsection and a zipper front closure. The cuffs attached to the long sleeves, a round neck collar, and the waistline are all created with a knit fabric to provide an accurate fitting. And, for practical use, two side pockets have a lot of space to keep your essentials safe and near your reach.

Leather Racer Jacket

Another most competitive design, and the most popular one, in outerwear, is the leather racer jacket. Mostly everyone loves cruising around on their bikes, not only men but the number of women riding bikes has also increased in recent years. And having this beauty on the go is getting a whole new vibe of the adventures on the street. 

These jackets, also known as the Cafe racer jackets, were specially designed for professional racers and then later on went out for the general public as well. It is mostly worn by the motorcyclist most preferably because of its extremely durable and resistant nature 

The features it includes are a zippered front closure, zippered cuffs on the long sleeves, and a snap tab collar, all assembled to provide the ideal warmth to its wearer.

Shearling Leather Jacket

Another ravishing style on the list is the Shearling one. These jackets are designed for the chilly winters protecting from the harsh cold winds and providing its wearer with the perfect modern flair. 

This outerwear includes a shearling lining inside and a shearling collar to give extra coziness in the icy conditions. The style of the collar is kept as a shirt or lapel style that makes it non-irritating and looks cool.

Fringed Leather Jacket 

The Fringed style is another alteration but with a history connected to the bygone eras. The fringed leather jackets are considered to be worn by cowboys but have recently turned into a fashion staple.

This style has lots of reasons to be popular. First, it provides an extra layer of protection to the base leather. Second, the movement of the fringe makes it more appealing visually. And lastly, it’s versatile and can be worn by both men and women.

Distressed Leather Jacket

If you are talking about vintage yet regal outerwear, then that’s the distressed leather jacket. Introduced in the early 90s, the attire gained popularity later on in the early 20th century. It’s unique clothing because of its distressed texture, as its name implies, that is created through a special tanning and finishing process.

It comes in various colors but the mostly preferred shade is brown, as it gives an authentic classic outlook. With its texture, the stunning design and added zippers give it a more ravishing touch.

Leather Shirt Jacket

If anyone prefers a more lightweight outerwear, then the shirt jacket is an ideal one. These are also known as shackets because they are a mixture of shirts and jackets. It’s ideal for moderate cold days as it’s light and breathable. 

Having a body-like appearance, these leather jackets for women and men have an oversized shape, a shirt-style collar, and a swift zipper closure front. The attire gained popularity being celebrity leather jackets worn by stars like Justin Beiber.

Leather Blazer

More than a jacket, leather blazers are a modern variation of a coat. They have a stitched design on the overall surface and a shiny finish over the outer layer. People are more prone to it because it gives a slightly trendy look to the traditional style.

This attire comes in a double-breasted front closure with a lapel-style collar and a smooth viscose lining attached inside. It’s a versatile piece that can be utilized whether as casual or formal wear, it’s completely your call.

Quilted leather jacket

Establishing a new trend in outerwear, the quilted design has achieved its fame in the most popular leather jacket style. They offer a wide range of features including shells, hoods, adjustable cuffs, and also adjustable waistlines. 

It originates back to the 17th century when they were only used by Naval officers, and later got hype in the public with every passing year. The design is adorned by people because of its distinct outlook and availability in a range of colors.  

Leather Trench Coat

These are extremely durable long coats with a simpler outlook and more than fewer embellishments. These are flexible attires and can easily adapt to weather transitions, especially rain. 

The features this attire holds include a double or single-breasted zipper, buttoned, or a mix of both front closures. It has a lapel-style collar and flap pockets for practical purposes.

It’s preferred by both men and women as it gives off a more comfortable vibe and exudes a one-of-a-kind charm enhancing an individual’s personality.

Faux Leather Jacket 

A versatile piece, faux leather jacket men and women, is a more affordable alternative to genuine leather jackets. It can be costly. These outerwear are accessible in a wide range of materials including PU, PVC, leatherette, and vegan. 

It’s a choice in demand because of its breathability and water-resistant element. They are easy to clean and maintain. If properly kept, they can last for a very long time.

It’s a choice in demand because of its breathability and water-resistant element. They are easy to clean and maintain. If properly kept, they can last for a very long time.


Leather jackets have been proven to be a timeless and versatile addition to any wardrobe. From the iconic bomber jacket to the stylish leather blazer, each style brings its unique charm and functionality, getting along with different preferences. With all these styles, there is a leather jacket to suit every occasion and personality.


Q: Why are leather jackets considered timeless?   

    Leather jackets are known to be timeless as they are the most durable and versatile pieces with a classic style that works well for every occasion.

    Q: How do I choose the right size for a leather jacket?

    Choose your accurate size from the size chart. Leather jackets should have a firm fitting, not too tight or loose because it’s the most important part of styling the outerwear.

    Q: How should I care for my leather jacket?

    It’s easy to maintain attire. Clean it with a damp cloth after every wear and keep it in a dry place, also save it from extreme.sun exposure.

    Q: How can I tell if a leather jacket is genuine?

    Genuine leather has a natural smell of burning hair. To distinguish it from the faux leather, the faux one has a more burning plastic smell.

    Q: Can I wear my leather jacket in all seasons?

    Leather jackets are available for all seasons, from winter to summer. Pick a jacket created with a blended lightweight material for war days and an authentic thick leather jacket for the colder ones.

    Q: How do I remove wrinkles from my leather jacket?

    To remove wrinkles from the jacket, give it a bit of steam. If you’re using a cloth steamer then set it at the lowest setting, keeping it at a safe distance from the fabric.

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